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New Life United Community Center
NLUCC  LEARNING INSTITUTE provides an array of community education and workforce development classes As a part of the Dallas County Adult Education and Workforce Literacy Consortium, we plan to provide (both) daytime and evening classes in the areas of Basic Academic Skills, GED instruction/testing, ESL and Workforce preparation. The NLUCC service area includes Dallas County residents that reside in the areas of North Dallas, Farmers Branch, Webb Chapel/Bachman area, and parts of Irving, Addison and Carrollton.
The NLUCC program is open to all residents of Dallas County regardless of the area within Dallas County in which they reside.  In principle, the program serves adults 18 years of age or older, but may provide services to students characterized as out-of-school youth (ages 18-21), depending on the circumstances and a school release form, if applicable.

NLUCC is committed to the provision of equal opportunity for everyone and does not promote or condone discrimination in any form.  NLUCC is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of the community and to ensuring that educational and employment decisions are based on individuals’ abilities and needs.

Consistent with this principle and applicable laws, it is therefore the NLUCC policy not to discriminate in offering access to its educational programs and activities or with respect to employment terms and conditions on the basis of age, gender, race, color, national origin, religion, creed, disability, veteran’s status or sexual orientation.

Our Basic Education Skills program designed as a pre-GED and academic skills remediation class for learners that are functioning below a 7th grade level as determined by baseline academic assessment tests (example: TABE).  The NLUCC program will provide both teacher and computer-aided instruction to students improve their basic reading, writing and mathematics skills.  This program utilizes a computer software instructional program that serves as an instructor resource aid.  All concepts are integrated with workplace skills training and contextual learning.

The Basic Education Skills course is structured for completion within 144 contact hours of instruction and its purpose is to help prepare students who function below the 7th grade level to improve their foundational academic skills that will enhance their success for a GED and other post-secondary work. The Pre-GED program provides subject matter correlated to SCANS and the 16 Equipped for the Future (EFF) standards. Subject area strands are designed to enhance students’ achievement in academic and workplace skills.

The NLUCC GED Program provides instruction to students in the new GED subject areas to help a student pass the GED tests and receive a high school equivalency certificate.  This program is designed for participants who wish to earn their GED and have demonstrated an initial TABE score of 7th grade or higher.

Using individualized and small group instruction, students are prepared for the independently administered GED tests. Classes meet 3 days or evening per week for 3 hours each.  (Extra class days will be offered for testing preparation as needed on a monthly basis).  Note that NLUCC offers college and employment placement assistance to all graduates or completers. 

The GED curriculum includes a combination of classroom lecture (Textbooks provided at no cost to the student), homework practice exercises (all students will receive a Practice Exercise Workbook) and a computerized software program that contains a wide variety of teaching activities that have been proven effective in increasing a student's ability to absorb information, think about issues and topics, and master skills relevant to GED success.

The activities will familiarize students with the type of content they will see on the exam. Student scores are kept in a record management system that allows instructors to view results and print reports and students to monitor their development and progress. The program also includes the following areas of instruction, which are integrated into the lessons, but earn no Literacy Completion Points:

Study, Reference, and Test-taking Skills
Equipped for the Future Workforce Readiness Skills
Basic Computer Literacy

The NLUCC English as a Second Language program is based on the Adult ESL-Literacy curriculum from the Texas Standardized Curriculum Framework (developed by the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning) and based on the standards developed by the National Reporting System for Adult Education in its Educational Functioning Level (EFL) descriptors. This course is structured for completion within 120 contact hours of instruction and completers will be must demonstrate mastery (testing) of the material covered in Literacy Completion Points A, B & C. Note:  Lab time is included free of charge and the computer lab will be available to all students (6) day a week. ESL classroom software with interpreters will be provided on all computers in the lab.

Computer Literacy Skills Training – Microsoft Office Specialist
This class is designed for students to build and master basic computer skills.  It empowers participants by adapting them to working in a computer environment and developing competency in using various software applications as business, communication and educational tools.  This course is structured for completion within 136 contact hours of instruction and will result in an employer-recognized credential for completers (Microsoft Office Specialist).  Note:  Lab time is included free of charge and the computer lab will be available to all students (6) day a week.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) is the credential required by academia and business, recognized globally as the premier credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their knowledge, skills and abilities relating to the Microsoft Office systems.

In academia, MOS promotes success in the class room for students and instructors, and prepares students for an increasingly competitive workforce

For business, MOS maximizes office productivity and efficiency for the organization and increases job satisfaction and heightens career achievement among employees

In workforce development, MOS prepares and places job candidates, ensuring they possess the skills employers require

Registration and Campus Location:
2405 East Beltline Road
Carrollton Texas 75006

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