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NLUCC Career Resource Center
The NLUCC Career Resource Center (CRC) is comprised of a variety of career resources that include a job bank, up-to-date information on job fairs, links to post-secondary educational institutions, links to financial aid and FAFSA, career counselors as well as a tutoring center. Between those services, our clients will be able to find ways to obtain advanced degrees or technical training, get help while in school, and learn techniques to secure a job.

The CRC will also hold a library comprised of test-preparation books and scholarship resources.  Career counselors will be available at the center to delineate potential career paths for individuals, including fields requiring an advanced degree or technical certification. Counselors will meet with individuals to help best determine which career path is best suited for each particular client.

Job Skills Readiness / Workforce Placement / Occupational Skills Training Prep
NLUCC understands that the intent of this program is to get our clients better prepared for second stage occupational skills training or immediate employment in the workforce.  We provide Job Skills Readiness Training as a part of each class and integrate workforce preparation into all curriculums.

Post-program Placement Assistance
NLUCC provides a staff-person (Transitions Coordinator) who coordinate post-program placement opportunities.  This will be done in conjunction with the other staff members and local in-kind services.  Each participant will have an Individual Success Plan (ISP) that will be developed by the student and our staff.  The ISP will have timelines and benchmarks for monitoring progress and to activate remediation action when needed.  Additionally, the local One-Stop centers and our Employers Consortium have agreed to assist in the facilitation of job placement services as needed for graduates.

Our goal is to produce a 85% post-program placement rate or higher for the participants including internships, jobs, military service and higher education opportunities.  All internships and jobs will be sought at wages or stipends that exceed the federal poverty benchmarks and promote self-sufficiency for individuals and families. Participants will learn about a wide array of local high-demand careers through a variety of industry guest speakers.

Our case manager meet as needed with graduates to help them search for jobs, fill out applications, write resumes, prepare for interviews, apply for educational grants or loans, and enroll in higher education or further vocational training. WIA-enrolled participants (may) also be eligible for training vouchers, paid work experience opportunities, and job placement services via their WIA case managers.

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