New Life United Community Center
2405 East Beltline Road - Carrollton Texas 75006
For more information contact us - 972-428-3010

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New Life United Community Center
Empowering People For A Better Life

The New Life United Community Center (NLUCC) is a community-based 501 c(3) non-profit organization organized in 2003 to provide training, self-help and empowerment services to low income individuals and families that reside in targeted areas of Dallas, Texas and Chicago, Illinois.

All NLUCC programs have a goal of providing a positive impact on the the lives of people we serve, regardless of age, race, gender or socio-economic status.  It is our goal to provide resources that will promote healthy families and self-sufficient citizens.

Our Mission
The mission of the New Life United Community Center (NLUCC) is to provide services, education and assistance designed to alleviate community problems arising from poverty, crime, unemployment, substance abuse, school failure and the breakdown of healthy families.  We are committed to enhancing the overall social and economic growth of the neighborhood residents in our service areas.

Our Vision
Our organization was created to educate, empower, and facilitate economic development in the community.  A vision was developed among a group of financial and faith-based professionals to serve the community in the areas of education, training, and workforce development. We envision young people growing up with attitudes and dreams of becoming confident and successful citizens that are positively affecting the quality of life in their.community.  Our belief is if they are given the proper tools, resources and guidance they can fulfill their destiny.